Antifreeze thermostat, FT 015-302, Honeywell, new

Antifreeze thermostat, FT 015-302, Honeywell, new

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Antifreeze thermostat, FT 015-302, Honeywell, new

We have set the lowest price for the new part on the market.

We still have several identical and other such devices, but the amount is ending. Buy more than 1 piece, there is still a great discount.

Mint condition!

The part was bought from a spare parts warehouse of a company, has never been in operation, is in a completely mint condition, but not in the original packaging.

Function guarantee!

For second hand parts, we can not accept any conventional guarantee and warranty.

Since we know that the device works, we give you a functional guarantee when you buy it. If the device does not work within one month after purchase you can return the goods and we will refund the purchase price.


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